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We are pioneers, discovering a completely new category in therapeutics. Our approach is one-of-a-kind, recreating nature’s legendary delivery cell. In doing so, we’re developing a superior cell therapy empowered to tackle previously unmet medical challenges.


Deliver Therapeutics

Target Cancer

Stop Bleeding

Make Blood Vessels

Rejuvenate Tissue

Allogeneic Cell Therapy Platform Manufacturing Platelet-Like Cells (PLCs™)

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cGMP-compliant, scalable, validated manufacturing process

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Designer platelets create a new therapeutic modality

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Platelet-like cells are anucleate – fewer clinical and regulatory obstacles

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Platelet-like cells are immuno-privileged – no required blood type matching

“While other drug companies struggle to create new synthetic ways to deliver drugs, Mother Nature has already spent millions of years creating the perfect drug delivery system: platelets.”


Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Co-Founder, PlateletBio

Platelets are Nature’s Delivery Vehicles

Mesenchymal stem cells, red blood cells and platelets can express multiple drugs on their surface, and control relative concentration of each drug.

Anucleate cells have reduced regulatory risk. Only RBCs and platelets are anucleate. Both are vascular cells that naturally circulate, touching every organ in the body.

Only PLATELETS have secretory granules that conceal drug payload until release at target. Only PLATELETS naturally home to tumors.

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We are seeking talented scientists who believe in our mission to save lives and cure disease through the power of platelets.

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