Platelet BioGenesis makes platelets in a patented process that mimics the conditions inside bone marrow, where platelets are normally produced.


We begin with induced pluripotent stem cells, which have the ability to develop into almost any kind of tissue in the body. We create megakaryocytes, the progenitor cells within bone marrow that produce platelets.

Inside our patented platelet bioreactor, megakaryocytes are exposed to environmental conditions found inside bone marrow.

These conditions include a permeable membrane through which the cells extend arms called proplatelets – as they would extend arms through the walls of blood vessels – and flowing media that generates the shear stresses similar to those found inside a blood vessel. These induce megakaryocytes to begin producing platelets that are collected for use.

a series of six microscopic images of the PLTs+™ development process
Bioreactor by Platelet BioGenesis


Our scalable MK+™ Manufacturing Platform turns stem cells into megakaryocytes in 14 days.

Our PLT+™ bioreactor is designed to be stacked to quickly ramp-up scale production.

And with a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, we are developing a mobile version of our system.


Our system supports a bold solution to a widespread problem: abundant supplies of lifesaving platelets, where and when they are needed. And we are working toward using platelets with even greater potential impact: designer PLTs+™ that can deliver medicines within the body to specific sites of disease.

Our bioengineered PLTs+™ show promise towards becoming a new modality of healthcare with potential to treat aggressive cancers and other life-threatening diseases.

schematic of Platelet BioGenesis patented bioreactor and visualization of production

Benefits of our designer PLTs+™

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cGMP-compliant, scalable, validated manufacturing process

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Designer platelets create a new therapeutic modality

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PLTs+™ are anucleate – fewer clinical and regulatory obstacles

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PLTs+™ are immuno-privileged – no required blood type matching